Stay tuned!

I’m finally doing something this weekend that I had promised Katie I would do for her during her fight with DIPG! She loved the idea and I just wish I had done it while she was with me. More details to follow. Stay tuned!



One thought on “Stay tuned!

  1. i love her so much and i cried a lot , i am fighting cancer since i was 17 today I’m 20 , i know how it sucks and how bad it is to have cancer , but I’m happy she is free from pain, I’ve impatiently waiting for her instagram updates everyday , i cried when she cried , i crushed when you( mommy )crushed , i stayed up thinking of you and her late everyday , DIPG took her away from us , nobody ever found a cure, lets raise money together , lets start a business, lets do anything we can , i very badly want to be a part of this , I’m hurting everyday i look at her instagram posts the old ones and the new ones , please contact me.

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