Monthly Archives: August 2017


My now youngest child graduates this school year. Then that’s it. David said, “One more year of PYLUSD. Doesn’t seem right…” When my youngest nieces and nephews are graduating, I’ll be attending their graduations and not my youngest’s graduation. This just hit me. I hate my life right now. Everything about it. It’s like a piece of me was ripped out and the rest of my body still thinks it’s there. Trying to find it. The sudden realizations are killing me. I want and need an escape.


Where are you my sweet Katherine? Are you off somewhere still being brave? I know you loved horses but we’re still petrified of their size, yet you still got on them for us, for my need to fit it all in, and I’m sure you knew time was of the essence. I hope you know that you don’t have to be brave anymore. You can relax and be a normal kid now. Wherever you are… (can’t stop crying)