“I’m the worst kid, ever…”

PLEASE READ: Katie threw up again this morning. We get frustrated because we feel it’s in her head. But that’s an old thought, that leaves us after a few seconds as we’re cleaning up and coddling her emotional state at the time. You see, she suffers so much from these “symptoms”. Much more than we do… It makes her feel worse than us. She cries, calls herself a bad kid, and repeatedly says, “I’m the worst kid, ever…” with her head in her hands. All of this, even after we tell her this isn’t true. Real tears folks, real tears. This is not my kid, this is a kid affected by a horrible disease that makes her not want to eat, struggle with a new diet, on new meds, being poked and prodded and emotionally drained, she stumbles, can’t see and hear like she used to, and she’s so tired. Tired all of the time. I feel horrible for her and it breaks my heart. I see these other kids, these other families suffering from this #DIPGMonster, #BrainCancer, #Cancer, and I see my future struggles and it breaks my heart. I shake my head sometimes and try to wipe the thought away, but I want to scream! Her type of cancer takes away her sight, hearing, movement, ability to swallow, and express emotions, yet… she will continue to feel everything and thinks the same way a 6 year old would think and feel. She will live in a black cave of nothingness with the thoughts of a 6 year old child wondering why, and scared to death. She deserves more than this. They all do. Today is the last day of #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth. What are we doing, just sitting around watching our children die, my child die. We get 4% people for kids cancer, brain cancer gets 1% and Katie’s type of cancer gets even less than that! Change your profile for today. Make people ask why. Use my profile pic or just say something about this day. Make people think about our kids, about what Katie is going through, what we all will go through watching her as this progresses. Share my post. Share someone’s post. Say something about this day. Please. For #KatherineTheBraveKatie

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