Daily Archives: October 5, 2015

Emotional Disassociation

Katie had an unbelievably hard morning. She didn’t make it to school on time, food, meds, tears. I have been crying all day… Well, here and there. Triggers… sitting here wondering what we can change to help her out. Emailing several doctors, from all over the US, and inquiring on meds and options for her next big battle with this disease. Supplements, I have a list 10 supplements long. That conversation with the doctor should be interesting. More tears… Then, her teacher sent me this picture. I am beside myself. She looks so happy. She needed to get to school. I knew it, and her teacher knew it. I wish all kids with cancer had no fear of being at school and being different. I wish they had wonderful teachers like Katie’s. I wish they could be comfortable and given the opportunity to be with their peers, like Katie’s school gives Katie the opportunity to do. Cancer has definitely impacted Katie’s school activities and her fears are through the roof in any situation. People look at her, and ask me, “What happened to that poor child?” “What traumatized her, she’s so upset.” Verbatim… Her anxiety is almost impossible to control sometimes. However, an eye opener this weekend was had, as I was finally given a name for this change in Katie’s personality. “Emotional Disassociation”. An EMT shared this with me this weekend, I’m so glad to have met him. He said he has seen this so many times with cancer and radiation patients that he couldn’t begin to count how many. So we have this diagnosis, and it’s easier to explain now. I might get little cards to pass around to strangers that give me the look when she’s in one of her sad moods. Maybe that’s silly, but I want people to know that you just don’t know the reason for things. You think you know, but you don’t. It could go much deeper than a rotten child who doesn’t want to eat dinner or say hi to a stranger who has empathy for them. As well, it hasn’t completely stopped her from enjoying the little things in life here and there. Such as in this picture. And this is what is going to get me through this day! Thank you to those that understand and that are helping me get through these days. Keep the chant going, “Go Katie GO!!! ‪#‎KatherineTheBrave ‪#‎DIPG ‪#‎DIPGMonster ‪#‎4PercentIsNotEnough ‪#‎PleaseShareKatherinesStory