Daily Archives: October 11, 2015

Breast Cancer Monster

Please forgive me friends, but I will not abandon my support for breast cancer awareness month and all of the attention it gets. Especially, just because it gets more attention than my daughters cancer… I am sorry, but I just can’t. Any cancer is bad. I never realized (or fathomed) that there cold be a divide in the cancer community between cancer types, focused on which cancer gets the most support, vs. which that don’t. It was a little disapointing to me. I guess I had to join the club, to see it. We got the short end of the stick in the cancer support area, and I would LOVE to see more support for Katie’s cancer. Any support, actually. And I will fight for that until the end of time, I promised her I would, and I will. Although, I know breast cancer survivors who are at this very moment fighting for Katie, and supporting us through this horrible situation we are going through. Where would we be without them? I know breast cancer victims who have lost their battle to breast cancer, and it was a long hard battle. I know those family members who were left behind, completely traumatized by this horrible type of cancer. This cancer takes our most precious female body part, and uses it against us, to kill us… A part of our body that nurtured their children to life at one moment in time, and then wanted to kill them the next. Watch a breast cancer victim fight, for what seems like ages, and then give up, and then lose their battle to cancer. See if you would think any other way after watching that. I have… I hate all cancer. We never wanted to be the family in this exclusive “cancer” club, but here we are and it’s our turn to try and survive and not give up, as many victims with “any type of cancer” have. I will fight for all cancers, always. Sorry… there is no black and white with cancer, it’s all ‪#‎Grey‬. I love you all, and again please forgive me friends.