Daily Archives: October 15, 2015


It’s not easy, but Katie is somehow continuing to spill Ketones with every test strip. Just as she has done since week two after diagnosis. Today she successfuly reached “High” ketones! This diet is not easy. It’s caused many tears for all of us. And many tears for poor Ms. #KatherineTheBrave. Tonight brought me back to day 2 after diagnosis, in the door of Katie’s hospital room, David’s arms around me. Dr. Shen and Julene were going through items, things to do, things she would follow up on, and casually she suggested that we reach out to the Max Love Project and Audra. Then she paused and waited. She was probably waiting for us to protest (later I learned that not many parents liked this idea). Our response, “Done, next…” I couldn’t even imagine not doing this. Something that might help her live longer. Give us more time. Hello!? When/How/Who/Where/Why? I’m in! And what makes this more frustraing, is that something like this should not cause tears. Yet it does becuase of the misconceptions and brain washing in society of how a person should eat. It’s like re-training to feed from a bottle to whole foods all over again, without the mess. I am proud of Katie for fighting along with us. She suffers more then anyone in this change in diet. She wants so badly to feel normal, and when she does allow herself to eat a good amount of food, she feels very proud of herself and says things like, “It’s going to make me feel better so I won’t be sick.” We love you Katie Baby, and will keep fighting for you! Thank you mom for all of your hard work trying new things, even when you work for hours on a dish and she says, “Yuck!” LOL! And thank you to all our Keto warriors for your help! 🙂 #GoKatieBaby #DIPGMonster