Last night was one of the most moving and emotional nights that our family has had in a very long time. I haven’t been able to post since Friday night, or respond to any messages or posts, and I apologize. I PROMISE you all that I will get back to you on everything, if not today, very soon. I have texts, eMails, comments, messages, you know I will, I just have to go through them one by one. I know you are trying to help us, and this is why I wanted to share with you some details on why I’ve been offline. Friday night through Saturday morning I worked. Until the wee hours of the morning, and then I woke up and worked some more. I worked my butt off to get caught up with things that have been falling through the cracks at work. I went from 1200 emails to 80 well organized project lists. What a relief, and I felt like a huge weight was lifted. I felt like I could breathe. I did that for two reasons: 1) to be able to focus on my family this weekend and accomplish the things I promised some friends and family we would participate in 2) support the cause and be there for people who are fighting for my daughters cancer. My friend Jenni, Greg, and Stacey, my cousin Kanani, Bishop, nephew Noah, niece Kyleigh, daughters Tori, Alissa and Ciara all took Katie to a Pediatric Cancer Walk, Starry Night in Griffith Park. They walked 2.5 miles, met wonderful people, and then waited to release lanterns in support of this cause. I cried when I received the pictures, AND I showed it to everyone. All night. “Look at what my friends and family are doing for and with my daughter.” “I am here fighting for her cause, she is there fighting for her cause too.” I felt proud. And I should be. She is a brave child and we are all her brave warriors! I am surrounded by the most bravest people that are not afraid to fight with me. They are not afraid to look at a child in the face, who isn’t herself, and say you can fight this! That means so much, and they understand that I can’t be everywhere at once, and they still love me for it anyway and rallied to be there with her for me. That feels good. So while they were doing the walk and joining as one in support for Pediatric brain cancer, David and I were attending another event. We spent the entire night talking about Katie, and meeting new people, and sharing stories. Learning, crying, enjoying our time to be in the moment. We were all there with the same basic want, to do more. And we did. Max Love Projects, Farm to Fork event is in support of Survivorship. That word, Survivorship, means we want kids to thrive before, during and after their cancer diagnosis. You see, many kids don’t die from cancer, but end up with other illnesses and don’t survive those illnesses either. I’ve heard stories of kids getting the green light, and then having hemorrhaging in the brain from radiation, and passing away. Or strokes, and heart attacks. The list goes on, I could go on… Can you imagine that. Going through all of that, celebrating like you never have before because your child is not going to die from cancer, and then your child dies of a side effect of what was supposed to save them?! Shocking news: after you survive cancer, you don’t get a pat on the back and are then sent out the door to live a nice life. You suffer, forever, with debilitating side effects from the radiation, chemo, after effects of you treatment. A statistic: by the time a child who survived cancer is 45, if they’ve made it that far, they have a 95% chance of having a chronic illness that will affect their life entirely. Thank you for that statistic Audra and Justin. Yes, you read that right friends, 95%. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can make it easier for kids going through radiation and chemo to have better access to good food, healthy supplements, and nutrient support for their brain and body to heal form the inside out, naturally. CHOC is on board, and Max Love is making it happen with the help of many supporters and sponsors and volunteers, and they need more always, so please consider reaching out to their organization. We know that there has never been a survivor of Katie’s cancer, but we are hopeful, and that statistic scares the crap out of us. She deserves more than a second blow like that. They all do. And, I’m proud of all of us, and I’m so proud of my kids and family and those who have helped us along the way. Even if it was just offering a good word, a prayer, a positive vibe, a donation, a meal, a hug, a hand… Thank you. I felt compelled to share this with you all, and I love every one of you so much. – mom












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