Remember when I wasn’t sick?

I had the opportunity to have lunch with Katie at her school today since I have today off for working this Saturday. During the lunch she kept saying “remember when I wasn’t sick Dad?” I said your not sick right now and if you keep doing the things you need to do and that Mom and I need you to do, then we will keep you healthy. Her response broke my heart, “I just want it to be like it was before I was sick” I hate that she goes through this and it turns my stomach to think that there is no cure and that a kid has to long for how it was before cancer stuck it’s ugly self into her and all these other beautiful children’s lives. As I was getting ready to leave, she hugged me hard and told me she loved me very much and I told her go have fun on that playground and be a kid! It’s what she deserves. It’s what they all deserve.

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