Loss of life, 71 years

#KatherineTheBrave has lost the ability to fully:1: Walk on her own freely

2: Eat on her own holding a spoon

3: Grasp or hold items for extended periods

4: Go to the bathroom on her own

5: Speak and express herself frequently

6: Eat Sherbet

7: Build Legos

8: Get in and out of bed

9: Swallow her own saliva

10: Control hiccups

11: Play with her favorite cousins and friends
Remember, she is 7, not 70.
Statistic time:
Keep in mind, that for #DIPG its a 9 month average survival rate, not 5 years… And even with these staggering loss of life statistics for our children, pediatric cancers get only 4% of all cancer funding, brain cancer gets 1%, yet brain cancer kills more kids than any other cancer before age 10, and DIPG gets none of that funding and it’s survival rate is less than 1%. You are terminal upon diagnosis. WTHeck, right?

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