The Let It Be Foundation

Please join Katherine, and us, for the Let It Be 5k. The LIB foundation took our family in and helped us, when many other foundations locally would/could not. We are outside their usual zone, yet they still come to see us and offer donations of food and gas monthly. The LIB foundation was created in honor of Karla Asch-Rosen (june 29, 1990-february 5, 2006) who passed away of DIPG.
Katherine will be there, barring any serious issues again. She will be in her stroller and ready to do this!
If you’d like to join us, please click the link, and select family donation. Make sure to note: #KatherineTheBrave on your order, and the password is “Katie”, and they will move you to her team. Let us know if you’ve already signed up and we will ask Melinda to ensure you are on our team.
Thank you so very much everyone. Community. Support. It makes a difference.

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