So my statistic today is more of a lesson on #DIPG as a whole. If you have time, and you are still unsure as to why some kids live longer, or are confused by our DIPG struggle in general, please watch this video. This doctor, like many others, is doing his best to explain the disease, the differences between brain stem gliomas, the lack of good drugs, why biopsies are more prevalent now, and the struggle to cure it.
If you decide to not watch this video, I want you to consider something else for me… Funding is determined based on need and want. The needs there, but we need more want. Do you want a cure? I know I do. And thats because we know the need and now we want a cure. So make people aware. Awareness will force the want. Understand it better, speak of this cancer, knowledgeably, and others will follow and want to save our children as well. Saying it’s an awful cancer isn’t enough. Know why it’s an awful cancer. Please. 

Update on Katie:

Katie is having an unbelievably wonderful day. She has a little gurgle, but that’s common I suppose. She made it on a walk with mom and dad. She also made it to acupuncture. She used her walker today as well.
Thank you for standing by us through all of this. My crazy posts. My frustrations. My sentimental moments. May is going to be a hard month for us, so please hang tight and thank you.
Katie’s Recent Symptoms:

1: Walk on her own freely

2: Eat on her own holding a spoon

3: Grasp or hold items for extended periods

4: Go to the bathroom on her own

5: Speak and express herself frequently

6: Eat Sherbet

7: Build Legos

8: Get in and out of bed

9: Swallow her own saliva

10: Control hiccups

11: Play with her favorite cousins and friends

12: Left eye is swollen and hurts/rolls around

13: Bring up phlegm
#IWantACureNow #MoreThanFour #KatherineTheBrave

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