*Warning – Graphic*
So for today’s #GoGrayInMay post I wanted to mention the supporters of our children suffering with brain cancer. Thank you to all the family, siblings, friends, people/strangers who give moral, monetary, supplies, food, or any kind of support, period. You suffer too. Sometimes I think some of you are suffering just as much as we are in all of this. The people that brain cancer affects, and the ones left behind in its wake, are the true sufferers. Katie deserves more, and so do we, right? Why do we have to watch this? Something needs to be done. You have had to hold us up. Show up with items we needed. Sat with Katie while we ran errands. Assist me in bathing, feeding, and being there to do things as simple as loving her when I just couldn’t give anymore. Your well intentioned support is the only thing that’s kept us afloat emotionally, physically and financially. You shop for us, clean our house, sit with us as we lament on our current situation, reach out for additional support for us, and just care for us period. We’ve had many people send, deliver, and just show up in general to help. I’ve had many friends help me bathe Katie because of my back. To give an example of the gravity of this task, I’ve attached a photo. Katie HATES baths. She hates them more than not being able to eat sherbet. That should explain how hard this task can be for a child we don’t want to have anxiety, ever… I wanted to share this photo, of Katie and Jill, so that you understand how hard it is to be our friend right now. Yet, here you are. Thank you, and this is why we GoGrayInMay!
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