This Os t Hollywoods Scare Flick

*Graphic* #PleaseShareKatherinesStory #KatherineDeservedMoreThanFour #ThisIsDIPG #ThisIsBrainCancer #DIPG
She was like this all night. Raspy. Congested. Struggling to breathe. We haven’t slept at all. If she doesn’t sleep, we don’t sleep. Everyone pays the price for this cancer. However, these kids pay more than anyone. Nothing we feel could ever even contribute an equal amount of pain and suffering to what my precious child is going through right now. She deserves to live. Right? So why is this freaking happening? Last night, or this morning, (I can’t remember because I didn’t sleep at all), I had visions of Katie running through the house, calling for me, asking for a snack and what we were going to do that day. Eyes wide, I gasped and pushed it down. Not now. Not where she can see me. Those happy days are GONE. And they are gone because of #DIPG. Imagine a child running and playing, and hugging with all her might, giggling over her dads silly jokes, suddenly pulled backwards in time and her life source ripped from her. She is lying there, lifeless, and helpless. Drooling, mumbling, searching with her eyes for answers. This isn’t the stuff of movies. This isn’t a dream, or hollywoods latest scare flick. This is Katie’s life. Right here. Right now. #MoreThanFour #4PercentIsNotEnough

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