Daily Archives: May 16, 2016


Please #GoGrayInMay Katie would love to see your gray ribbons and outfits this May. Please tag her, your mom, sisters, and/or dad in your pics! Share with your friends and family. Ask them too go gray for the #1 killer of children with cancer under 10!!! We need your support and We want to share on her page!
Right now, as a #DIPG family you are told your child has cancer, your child will die, please start palliative/hospice care, have them suffer through radiation to give them more time. You’re told to “please donate your child’s tumor to science when they pass”. You will fill out autopsy forms before your child even declines. Staring at the trace of a body on a form knowing a pathologist and a mortician will fill out this form for your child/ of your child. A child they’ve taken away from you way to soon because it must be a viable tumor. It’s hard to do. It’s hard to hear. We know… However, it’s necessary that you know this, and for science we do it. We do it so that other families will hopefully be saved from this hell we live and so that they won’t have to do this. We speak, fundraise, donate so that other families will not feel this pain.
The attached is how and where #KatherineTheBraves tumor will go to. So please support us. #PleaseShareKatherinesStory which may help motivate the support of others, and help us raise awareness, which we need so desperately!
Thank you!