Daily Archives: May 18, 2016

Building HOPE

#KatherineTheBrave was honored tonight at an event organized by #BuildingHope and the boards President (and friend) Ada Chan and the Los Angeles Real Estate Council for the City of Hope Hospital. This event is ran each year to raise funds for a specific medical research need. This years focus for funding was on Brain Cancers and specifically pediatric brain cancer research. Katherine, the inspiration for this event, was recognized for her fight against Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. Many of my old and current colleagues joined us in support of her battle and the research needed to cure this cancer. Tonight was an attempt to raise money for research into a possible immunotherapy cure for this type of glioma, and many more types of brain cancer. When we left, the total funds raised for this new immunotherapy research, and the scientists performing the tasks, was gross over $80,000. You heard that right… ***$80,000*** For those of you that know, #DIPG just does not get this kind of funding. It’s unheard of. And this is why I am honored to be supporting this type of research for our daughter, and for all of the children diagnosed with brain cancer. Thank you to all my past and present colleagues for joining us tonight in our fight against cancers, many of which, in this day and age, are still considered terminal upon diagnosis, for children and adults. And thank you for taking a night out of your busy lives to step into ours and help us spread awareness, shed some tears, and eat sherbet! Katherine’s favorite! I see a cure in our future, or at the very least, a better chance for our kids to fight… #NeverGiveUpHope #COH #CityOfHope