Daily Archives: May 23, 2016

Katherine Should Have Made The Party

Katie should have been at her cousins Kyleigh’s birthday party. Surrounded by presents, and giggling, her family, all the usual suspects of favorite friends, causing mischief, and everything. I’m so angry. I’m just so pissed. Instead she can’t even hold her own head up. Instead we had to shield her from the pain of watching other girls enjoy life, because she can’t enjoy anything. She would suffer more going than staying home and missing out. We created a separate party here with just a very few people. To keep her anxieties under control. What kind of insane world do we live in where a cancer has a zero percent survival rate. What kind of f’d up country would put billions of dollars into fighting a Zika virus that hasn’t affected nearly anyone vs. the thousands and thousands affected by cancer. I’m angry seeing the photos of this event. Katherine deserved more than four percent for all pediatric cancers. Katherine deserved more than one percent for brain cancer. Katherine deserved more than ZERO percent for #DIPG. Katherine should have made this party.