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Moms turning 40

#KatherineTheBrave has spent the end of her night discussing my birthday. She wants to plan something special. She is such a special child. So caring and concerned about everyone. She wants me to celebrate. To be happy. To enjoy my 40th. My precious baby.
Katie deserves to grow up. She deserves to be an artist and teach others her ability to bring out beautiful thoughts from her mind onto paper and crafts. She cares so much that others are happy. She deserves to care, and touch, and feel and love the people around her. She deserves to make sure that people have great birthdays and see them smile. And that they have exactly 40 balloons on their birthday, because I’m turning 40, so to her that made sense. It makes sense to me too now. She makes sense. 
#GoGrayinMay statistics: Remember everyone, brain cancer is the number one killer of our children under 10 with disease. Cancer. Yes, you’ve read that right. I know sometimes it’s hard to believe that statistic. We cancer parents speak this terminology and mess with your psyche, and make you wonder, is it true? This statistic. Is it real, or just another angry mom, pissed to all hell because her baby was unlucky enough to be struck with that “rare” cancer?! Well it’s true, on both counts, I’m pissed to all hell, but I’m not full of it. I’m speaking the truth. And it’s time to believe me. More kids die of cancer than car accidents and abuse. Yes. And don’t get me started on just how many kids die. To cement this statistic for those of you still on the fence, I’ve researched the CDC.gov sight to prove it. We are lumped here, so it’s vague. But to even be listed alongside the top three killers of children on a government site is proof enough that enough is not being done. We have organizations to prevent child abuse. They will rip a child from a home without blinking. We have organizations to prosecute abuse and prevent car accidents from negligent drivers. Drunk driving laws and punishments stemmed from children who have passed due to this type of travesty. We have people for that, right? What do we have for pediatric cancer. Yes… We get 4%. The number one killer gets 4%…
Who’s with me?
#PleaseGoGrayInMay for Katherine and brain cancer victims!

#PleaseShareYourGrayForKatherine and tell

others why you’re wearing gray

This week is #DIPGAwarenessWeek for California.

#PleaseShareKatherinesStory so that others hear our cry and see the #TRUTH about this horrible disease.

#Awareness is key to saving our children!

Behind The Badge OC

Behind TheBadge OC continues to feature #KatherineTheBraves story, even when other media outlets will not. Thank you to Lou Ponsi and Steven Georges for coming out again and telling Katherine’s story for us, on the request of Erin and Kelly, and to fight #DIPG. I hope this is shared a million times!!!