Daily Archives: May 31, 2016

I’m feeling fine even without a public outcry.

I would do anything to have only been judged publicly for neglecting my child for one second at a zoo. Bring on the public shaming and outcry. All the hypocrites can judge me all they want. Ya, I know, you’ve never turned your back on your child for even one second, ever, anywhere. You actually just never got unlucky, thank goodness for that. Doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t care in the least what they thought. At least I’d have my child with me, alive and healthy.
I’ll never judge another mom again for turning her back for one second. Shit happens. I feel like I turned my back on my daughter for years before she was finally diagnosed. Imagine that feeling of neglect. That guilt, with a living healthy child, can be squashed. Easily.
There are bigger, more evil, fish to fry in this fish bowl. We need to stop judging and start saving all of these kids society professes to care so much about. So much so that they create internet memes, and write comments on news articles, and their angry because mom should have known and this gorilla should have lived. What about our kids who are actively dying right now? There’s no dying gorilla in the room here, just suffering parents, siblings and families. Where is the public outcry for them??? What about the 4% of the 100% that we get? Why aren’t the ACS and NCI getting backlash for pulling out their guns and waiting too long to shoot, vs. shooting too soon. Who’s judging them?
Agh… Forgive me, I’m frustrated, but I don’t take it back. And contrary to what Katherine says, she’s not feeling fine, she’s feeling pretty crappy, in fact.




I’m #KatherineTheBrave, and I approve of this message!

#MommyTheBrave, and #DaddyTheBrave voted in the primaries today. Remember, our kids will continue to suffer the consequences of our choices at the polls if we don’t do something about it ourselves. Not being happy with our two party political system is no excuse not to vote. Not voting gives the least of your choices the upper hand. Think lessor of two evils, and go with it. Republican, democrat, libertarian, etc… Doesn’t matter. Vote and make yourself heard. Fight for our children, and our future. Thank you.
I’m #KatherineTheBrave, and I approve of this message!