Daily Archives: June 6, 2016

Loves And Kisses

#KatherineTheBrave spent the day with her family and friends watching old photos and videos of her as a much younger happier child. We wanted to remember her. We wanted her to remember her, as well. We listened to Hawaiian music and read stories. We laughed and giggled, and at some points we could feel that she was with us.
I planned this post for months. I had the perfect words to say. The details of those thoughts are lost to me now. What can you say on a day like this. I’m sorry. You deserve more. We as a society failed you. Don’t go. Let go. We love you. Goodbye…


Our sweet adorable Katherine passed away this evening at 7:34 PM, in the loving arms of her family and friends. She is singing now, skipping on clouds. Playing pain free with her friends. Eating sherbet. Tracking rainbows, and everything she did before this horrid cancer took over her precious little body. 
Thank you to everyone for supporting us. Thank you for loving our daughter as your own. We could not have done this without every single one of you by our side.
Goodbye Katherine. Loves and Kisses…