I’ll be seeing you. 

We are a shell of what we once were.  

Katherine is no longer suffering. We however are guilt ridden and broken hearted forever.

We needed more time. I am so sorry baby. I’ll be seeing you. Loves and kisses. 

This is so hard to watch, but it’s beautiful.

Thank you Beanie. 

One thought on “I’ll be seeing you. 

  1. This is truly an amazing tribute! I was in tears the entire time! I have to say how proud and honored I am to have learned about Katherine’s story through my my HS friend Jenny. Both of Katherine’s parents should feel so blessed and proud and are such amazing people!! You are so strong! God has other plans for Katherine, and she was put here to make a difference! Such a beautiful, and determined Angel from above! Thank you, Thank you for sharing her journey! ~Sonya Brown

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