Katie should be celebrating her final days of first grade today. Giving gifts to her teachers and friends. Making plans with them through the summer. Asking me if they can come for a sleepover sometime. Getting excited about summertime and pool parties. Thinking of what’s yet to come…
Instead she’s at the morgue, and we are all left here living through each day. Lifeless. Feeling the most massive amounts of guilt, that the strongest man could not endure, for her being there in the cold dark place. Alone.
It’s like I’ve stopped. David and I can’t move forward. I want to run away from here for a while. From her. From life. I need to get away. From everything.
I smell her. I sleep With the last dress she wore. It still smells so sweet. Just like she did. She had a distinct scent. I want it to remain on her dress forever, but I know it won’t. 
You were a dream come true #KatherineTheBrave, #KatherineTheLegend. You completed this family. You were everything. We will never be the same. I miss you so much. I’m so, so sorry. Loves and Kisses Katie Baby.

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