Two favorite cousins were wronged on June 6th. Katie would have been the one to call when an ex hurt you, a friend wronged you, you needed a ride, a study buddy, or a place to hide for a few days, or a good party planned because no one remembered, or had the ability to plan a party just as good as her, you name it, she would have been the one to call. She’s was so giving. I’m infuriated. I’m so mad for her. I’m mad for them all. She suffered so much. She struggled with her debilitating disease, yet to the very end ensured (in her mind) that we were all happy. What the hell is wrong with this picture? I just can’t hold to in tonight. I’m sorry. I’m so angry. I’m sorry Katie. I’m so sorry.
I can’t find solace in her peace, even though I begged for it. 


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