Daily Archives: June 16, 2016

SuperSib Tori

Yesterday we mourned the loss of our precious Katherine. It was an incredibly hard day. In between this we planned for a special upcoming event, as today we are celebrating the success of our precious Toriana. Graduating high school, and growing into a beautiful adult. The love and care for a super sibling can get lost in this cancer battle. They deserved more too. We know this. Though the struggle of their sisters or brothers overshadow their successes which should be recognized, but we have only so much time, and energy, so we hope that they understand. We try to make it up to them with a Starbucks run, or a short shopping trip, a hug and kind words of encouragement, keeping our normal routine and offering some stability. Toris entire senior year was just that, a fight for her sisters life, and not about celebrating her successes. She handled it, and to this day has NOT once complained about her sister, our lack of attention, us forgetting the little things. Not once.
Today we celebrate Tori. Alissa and Katherine’s oldest sister. Katherine’s biggest advocate, and her strongest supporter. She will be down on the field, receiving her award, thinking about Katherine, her family, friends, life, the future. She deserves this moment. Think good thoughts for her today. She will need them.