I received Katherine’s school items today. I gently placed them to the side. I can’t look at them now. I know they are safe, wrapped up in the best possible fashion. I will get to it when I can. I received the text froom Katie’s teacher, and heard the sorrow in her writing as she reflected on having to clean out little Katie’s desk. All of the kids gone, to enjoy their summers, and Katie who was not around to pull out her own years worth of art, writing, and arrithmatic. What little she was able to do. She was so proud to be at school, until she couldn’t handle it anymore, the anxiety taking over her frail, little body. Katie didn’t grow smarter academically this year, she did however learn a lot. She learned how to hide her pain, how to love us even when she felt her worst, to smile when she didn’t want to so that others would learn more about her struggle, and so much more… She taught us something too. There will be more on that later. Thank you Barb Sullivan, for being amazing to Katherine, and to our family.
NOTE: Katherine’s year book will be at her end of life celebration for everyone to sign. She didn’t get to walk it around, to have her friends sign it, so we will do it for her.
Thank you everyone.


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