Celebration Of Life

#PleaseShareKatherinesStory #KatherineTheBravesCelebrationOfLife #July16th
Some things that #KatherineTheBrave loved…
1: rainbows

2: face painting

3: bounce houses

4: horses

5: Hawaii

6: Hawaiian music

7: waterfalls

8: beer (for mom and dad to be happy 🙂 )

9: food

10: water slides

11: balloons

12: crazy socks

13: sherbet

14: movie night

15: Legos

16: princess rose tea parties

17: her favorite cousins and friends
And more…
We are trying to create a special event to honor our beautiful Katherine and the fight she led for 12 longs months. My sisters Cindy, Kanani and Samantha have started a PayPal account to help pay for the items that are not donated. We are open to any and all suggestions, donations and support. We need volunteers… We are going to use this event to spread awareness about #DIPG and what Katherine fought with for so long. All the while celebrating her life and just how special she truly was.
The remaining donations will help us get Katherine and our family to Hawaii to spread her ashes on her favorite island of Kauai.
Can you pleaseshare the link below for us, and #PleaseShareKatherinesStory.
Thank you, #MommaTheBrave and #DaddyTheBrave


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