Daily Archives: July 14, 2016

Katherine’s Sisters Survived!

Thank you to Sam, Moriah, Skyler and Linda, for all that you did for the girls tonight after their car accident. We seriously don’t know what we would do without you. Thank you to my coworkers, especially Chen DW, for helping me get out of the office without having a meltdown so that I could get to my daughters. Thank you to the citizens that assisted them while waiting for the ambulance, police and firemen to arrive, and thank you to the policemen that talked to me and helped calm me down about the situation. Thank you to the staff at Placentia Linda Hospital for being uber amazing to the girls and getting us in and out quickly. The girls are ok. The car was totaled. They were T-Boned at an intersection. They ended up on the sidewalk. Oil everywhere. Huge bruises up and down their bodies, sore, maybe a hairline fracture, and emotionally upset, very emotional and lots of crying, although nothing’s broken and there are no head injuries. Thankfully. We are so very lucky. This could have been much worse. From the looks of the car, I don’t know how they got out. The last thing we needed right now. We are grateful.