Progression. The hardest word for a cancer warrior and family to hear. “Progression – a movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state, especially gradually or in stages.” Siunds exciting. Change. Progress. Sounds nothing like watching your child deteriorate slowly, and whither away. I find this definition odd compared to what it actually felt like. It felt more like deterioration. “Deterioration – the process of becoming progressively worse”. Yes… That’s the word.
I miss you Katie. Today I’m reminding us all of your life, and your slow “deterioration” from a loving, beautiful, free spirited child, to what you had become because #DIPG chose you. I am sorry that momma couldn’t make you feel better.
I feel lost tonight. Can’t stop crying. Can’t get that moment out of my head, June 6th, 7:34 PM. I’ll try again tomorrow. Goodnight everyone. 



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