Is it just me, or are more cancer families sharing those awful pictures of truth regarding their children’s final days, and showing the public what cancer is really like? Up until Katie passed, I had only seen one child’s family share the ugly truth, as we did. Now, I see it every day. Maybe it’s just me being more aware, but I’d like to think that Katherine The Brave inspired people to not be silent. To speak the cold, hard, truth about their children’s ugly diagnosis. Katie wanted this, she wanted to smile for the camera, but still show the reality of her illness. My child is gone. My beautiful child left this world a shell of what she was before diagnosis. Those struggles must be acknowledged, and people must be made aware or the nightmare we experienced, so that we all can do more. I find it so important, and I encourage more to do the same, share the truth. Yes, the truth hurts, but it also spreads awareness. A death such as what our children have experienced should not be hidden. They deserve our continued efforts to make this disease known. It’s the secrecy of it all, which has allowed it to continue to be considered a “rare” disease. If it offends, then you have accomplished the task at hand. Let followers tell you they can’t look, and how could you post this, and they don’t agree with your choice in photos. Offending others is the least of your problems. Offending others is a testament to the beautiful human being that you watched wither away and die, because others didn’t want to offend. Offending means they are aware, and disgusted, just as we were every day within our homes, suffering, as our children suffered. Doesn’t matter how this is happening more actually, all I can say is thank you other parents for joining us, joining Katherine, in your stories and photographs. #honesty #truth #pleaseoffendme #DIPG #pediatriccancer #gogold #gogray #katherinethebrave #lovesandkisses

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