Daily Archives: August 2, 2016

Tori graduated!

#KatherineTheBrave’s oldest sister Tori.
“Finally received Tori’s graduation picture. I’m so proud of you Tori. Funny story… Tori walks up to the lady handing her the diploma, and the lady says, “We’re not really supposed to talk to you guys, but I really like your shoes…” As you can see, Tori’s gushing. Good job mom Megan. :)”


We are drowning

8 weeks, and one day… And this is getting worse. It’s like being in a vice clip and a bandsaws coming slowly towards your head. I know that with every additional day that she’s gone, its a day closer to forgetting something small or unique about her. It’s petrifying and I’m drowning. We had actually believed that life moved so very fast when she was dying for 12 months. We were wrong… It moves much faster when you are scared of times forgetfulness. #KatherineTheBrave #DIPG #LovesAndKisses #KatherineTheLegend