First Day Of 2nd Grade

Today Katherine should be starting 2nd grade. I should have taken the morning off and drove her to school. Walked her in. Excited. Taking lots of photos of her curled hair and big grins. Hugs and assurances that she would be fine today!
Instead I’m looking at Facebook memories of my child who isn’t here anymore, and noticing her half smile from all the way back in preschool where I was unaware of the danger lurking within our child’s mind. What did I miss. Could I have done more. So unaware. So oblivious. 
Today’s Facebook stroll is another reminder of why we ALL need to do more for our children who are dying every day and given no funding for research by our government. Not one of my friends can say they don’t know the truth now. 
What are we doing to change this!? Ask yourselves… I ask myself this every damn day. We all should. 
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