Daily Archives: September 1, 2016


Tori, Alissa, CiÅra, and I are in line at Jamba Juice this weekend, we order, and she asks us what name it’s under. I say Jaime. We wait for our drinks, and the the guy calls out Katie. We all look at each other. Yup… They are our drinks. Alissa says, “You must have said Katie…” I said no way. I would have remembered that… Somehow, on Sunday, I got through an entire day of school clothes shopping without a problem. I could hardly walk on Saturday. Ended up in urgent care. I could hardly walk Monday. Ended up needing help into and out of the car. I think I know how I got through that day. Thank you my lovely Katherine. We miss you so much! #KatherineTheBrave #DIPG #Peacock #GoGold​


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is childhood cancer awareness month. It’s the one month put aside to recognize our littlest cancer warriors. Will you change your profile pic and GoGold for our Katherine this September? Will you share her picture and ask others to GoGold for our kids suffering, or who have passed, from cancer? Katherine fought so hard for 12 months, with a cancer that many had not heard of until she was diagnosed. Let’s make people ask the the questions needing to be asked about cancer. Let’s make more people aware. Please help us. #katherinethebrave #dipg #GoGold