Day 6, September 6th, of pediatric Cancer awareness month. What did cancer take from me? It took my beautiful, brilliant, loving daughter. Our families center. It took away a future doctor, nurse, teacher, scientist, cancer cure contributor. It stole a daughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend, and future mother and grandmother. It ripped the core of our existence. The ripple affect of life’s daily proceedings is forever changed for everyone who knows and would have met her. 
What did cancer take from you? What did it take from us as a society. Please share this post and write what cancer stole from you. On the comment, on your shared post, or both. Show me, and others, that we are not alone. Tell people why this matters. Why you will never be the same, and how this should matter to us too. Warning: this is going to stir up emotions. From your childhood, teenage years, or adult life. Maybe emotions that you weren’t really prepared to deal with today. But the reality is that we grow apathetic to things such as cancer, pain, and death. And very rarely do we reach back and remember how wrong, and unnecessary things like cancer are. How much they took from us. The pain of having our loved ones taken from us so soon.
Our government, the NCI and ACS, count on us to go back to normal, and move on. To donate in memory, but not question their process and their billions in funds which do not get distributed evenly, because the ones who shout the loudest are the ones who get that money. I’m not ok with this. I miss my child. We should all be worried and remember, remember deeply.
I have a feeling the comments and shares are going to shock me, and I’m ready.






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