Daily Archives: September 13, 2016


It’s been a while since we have been able to say thank you for the things that people have sent us, and Katherine. I’m sure there will be plenty that we have missed. Katherine’s stuff is piled up and waiting. I’m moving slowly. Every item, and inch forward, feels like a million miles of pain and hurt. I promise that we are grateful for everything, and will try hard to get to it all very soon. In the mean time I know that time is of the essence with Katherine’s Celebration of Life and #DIPG research fundraiser coming up. So… here are some thank you’d.
Thank you to the Better Britches Team, and Whitney Denman, for Davids LuLaRoe shirt!
Thank you Theodora Cornelia, Sherry Resquer, Damaris Brusby, Kimberly Rucshner, and Laura Moreno for the abundant amount of socks for Katie’s celebration of life. 
Thank you Laura Jean for the leis and for doing so much for this family recently as well.
I remember Katherine only letting me put her socks on. It was Mommas thing. I miss you sweetie. Goodnight everyone.