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Forever 7

Day 26th of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month #GoGold
This Saturday, October 1st, we will be celebrating Katherine’s life, her footprint on this planet, and the lives she’s touched. This celebration will be a representation of what Katherine would have wanted. A tropical, unicorn, rainbow, sock paradise! Thank you to Margarita Solazzo, Cindy, Kanani, Jenni, Desiree, David and everyone else involved in all of this. I can’t thank you enough… and I know you will make her proud. She loved celebrations, as we all know.
We are asking for some help with a few small things, and hope that everyone will take a quick moment to read this.
1: If you are going to make it to her celebration, please fill out this super simple Google doc: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScYtG8aHZR914_Tc0XUFaMXQz6AL0mfY4Ujv9Stimelc6XQ-Q/viewform?usp=fb_send_fb

2: If you can’t make it, but want to help make it special for Katherine’s friends and family, please go here to donate: http://gofundme.com/KTBCOL

3: If you would like to join our Katherine The Brave DIPG Research movement go here: https://my.supportlpch.org/KatherinetheBrave. We will be starting a Forever 7 campaign to benefit DIPG research on October 1st, the same day as Katherine’s Celebration of life. If you can’t make it to donate $7 in person, you can do it right here online.
If every Katherine supporter shared her campaign with 7 friends and family, and each person donated $7, we could raise well over 1.5 million dollars. By donating $7, and asking 7 friends and family to donate $7, you are helping us find a cure, and give hope to children who are given a diagnosis that rips that hope from you. $7… A cup of coffee, or two… That’s it… $1.5 million. It’s seriously that simple, and we will be that much closer to a cure for Katherine’s cancer, and in Katherine’s name. It would be one of the biggest impacts on DIPG research in history, since HONY’s Facebook broadcast.
You can donate in these other ways as well:

Venmo: @Jaime-King-1 or 7148144090 or jaimerieck@yahoo.com

PayPal: www.paypal.me/katherinethebrave

Mail: Jaime King 4350 Von Karman Ave Ste 225, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Remember, each day 7 children die of pediatric cancer, and Katherine only lived with us for 7 short years. Something this simple can NOT fail for our kids!!!
Thank you from the bottoms of our heart, Jaime King #MommaTheBrave