It’s hard to focus all day when you’ve spent most of your night crying in your sleep from horrible dreams. Horrible dreams that are my life. It’s almost as if I dream reality, and in my dreams I can actually show true emotions. Emotions that do not come out in the open light of day… Those dreams were real, what I deal with every day in my mind, and around me, and for the past year and a half. So very strange to see them in a dream, and sob to myself. The harsh realism of it, my actual life, hitting me emotionally in a private place. The reality of waking up and realizing that you dreamt your life, and considered it a nightmare is so hard to grasp. So hard to focus today. Katie Baby, you are so missed… and this is harder than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. More caffeine please…
Photo Courtesy of Timothy Beck, thank you for memorializing our children. I remember her like this in my dream. Dark, smiling, forever imprinted in my memories as one of my most amazing creations, and a meaningful part of my existence. Although, still not real to me. Not physical. I can’t reach her anymore. This picture says so much.
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