I am the Walking Dead

Everyone’s all, “Oh no Glen… my worlds ending. I can’t go on…” And I’m just over here like, I watched a real person die in my arms of a murderer called #DIPG and I survived, barely, too…
If only people would get as upset about our children dying of cancer every day, as they do about #TheWalkingDead’s actor getting killed off and making tons of money for it, then we’d have a cure by now.
What I wouldn’t give for one more damn Halloween with this beautiful child who was living, breathing, and wholesome. Like Glens character, she was an old soul, who saw the beauty in the horror of his/her existence. She made happiness out of hell. She smiled in pain and suffering. Her and Glen were a lot alike. They cared for others. Deeply. But she was real… very real. 
This is in no way me calling out those who watch this show. Or those that were truly crushed by Glens death. This is simply a comparison I see in my own mind when I see higher trending posts such as this, but yet here I am fighting to spread awareness fruitlessly, and one person at a time, and I need to point that out. Please don’t hate on me, it’s been a hard few days…





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