Legalize and decriminalize marijuana to lower the price to patients and those with terminal illnesses. 7 year old children such as Katherine included… I don’t even have to read the marijuana initiative to make a decision. The rigamarole and nightmare expense we suffered for our terminally ill child is all the education we needed to discuss this topic on real life experience terms. Changes in this law need to start somewhere. The cost is atrocious and we lost so much because of the lack of federal support for our daughters oils and the manufacturers trying to help our children. Our hell, and the hell of families we are currently trying to help, vs. heavy narcotics and drugs, should be taken into account. Consider the last 12 months of our lives and our transparency in regards to the struggle our daughter faced. Katie didn’t take steroids or meds until a few weeks before she passed. That was her oils. And her strength was apparent because she was pain free and aware. Thank you… #katherinethebrave #dipg #lovesandkisses

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