How I want those hands to reach out for me, and pull me in, once again. To grab my fingers, and squeeze. To smile up at me, forgiving for all of the things I cannot do to save you. To make the hurt, and confusion go away. Katherine, I am not doing well today. Again… I am so sad, and I miss you so much my sweet child. Going through photos, looking for you, and I find that most of your photos are of you trying being a part of someone else’s life. Trying to help your cousins do different things, of you smiling when asked, you trying to comfort some other person in some way, and small gesture. It breaks my heart that such an unbelievably amazing soul had to go so soon. I want to go back. I want one more chance to feel you. To feel how real you were in those moments where you were loving, living, hurting, so strong… In these moments without you here, I suffer, we all suffer. Every moment in time where I turned my back to you to leave, to do something else, to look the other way, is like a knife in my heart. I wish I could take it all back, and it just be us, our family, and you… no regrets, and I never made you feel alone. You were so brave dear Katherine. My sweet baby, I love you. I miss you. I am so sorry. I’m just so sorry…
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