Found an old bottle of MCT oil yesterday. I stopped and stared. Remembering the many, many stressors of Katherine’s food struggle. For her, and I. That one bottle, so high up and pushed so far back was one of the most important things to me during Katherine’s struggle. It had a place on the counter with everything else. It was going to give me more time, put more life into my child. Now it’s forgotten, it didn’t work… like all truths it’s there now, conjuring up sad memories. That you can’t wish away. This post reminds me of those feelings of desperation. The lack of hope and time we were dealing with. Poor Katherine.
#IAmTankfulForMemories Even the bad ones. I suppose they are all we have this year. Many folks have moved on. I am forever here. In that moment. Staring at my dying child. Frozen. #KatherineTheBrave #DIPG #LovesAndKisses

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