Every once in a while I sit and I think about recent events. Pondering what we’ve struggled with the past year and a half. Then it hits me… My child died in my home, in my living room, in my arms. How does that happen in this day and age? It’s so surreal it almost seems unreal. But it was real. She was our baby. She was here. She was alive. A living, breathing, blessing to all of us. And now she’s gone. Cancer stole our baby from us. There will be no more Happy Holidays. No joyous winter. Warm summers. Uninterrupted joy in our hearts. Her suffering and our loss will forever be a stain on our existence. Why? Well, because we’ve been brainwashed to believe that this is acceptable. Families fighting for their children’s lives and some children not making it is a tragedy, but not tragic enough. We get more angry over a wild monkey being shot, a testy presidential election, or impatient Black Friday shoppers trampling their own stupid selves. Cancer kills more of our children annually than any terrorist event I’ve ever heard about. But our children. Our babies. That doesn’t shock us. Or at least it doesn’t shock us enough to support their life saving research. Well, I’m shocked now. Complete and utter shock. I’m guilty too. Or I was. My baby is a result of our lack of attention to these real issues. My lack of attention. That’s the “real” tragedy we all face. Our lack of concern… it’s tragic. The biggest tragedy of them all.
Sorry, just feeling out loud. And I’m angry.
We miss you Katie baby. Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are. Whatever you’re feeling, know we love you, and we are so very sorry. Loves and Kisses baby, and See You Next time. #KatherineTheBrave #DIPG #LovesAndKisses #NotOK #MoreThanFour #Forever7 #PleaseShareKatherinesStory

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