Daily Archives: December 4, 2016

Know Your Charity

**Ignorance Is Not Bliss For A Child With Cancer!**
Just saw another American Cancer Society commercial using our children to raise money for cancer. It’s never easy to see these. Every time I do I shake and get so angry, and frustrated inside. I know the truth, and I want to shout it into the mountains and write someone, and scream! Instead I will plead with you all.
Do the children suffering with cancer a favor, do Katherine a favor, if your intent is to give to pediatric cancer, and not specifically #DIPG, then DO NOT give to The American Cancer Society (RELAY FOR LIFE), The National Cancer Institute, or even The Childrens Cancer Fund of America! NCI gives 3.8% and ACS give 1% of all funding to pediatric cancers, yet continues to use our children to gain resources for adult cancer, which are curable and/or already has so much funding as it is. And, what they do give to pediatric cancer predominately goes to other Childrens cancer, and not to Brain Cancer, which is the number one killer of children with cancer under 10, and cancer as a whole is the number one killer of our children with diseases. What they give is unacceptable and how they lie to you, the public, is unconscionable. CCF is fraudulent and has a 2 star rating on Charity Navigator. The story behind their rating is sad and an example of how giving without awareness can go so terribly wrong for those stricken down with a cancer diagnosis, and looking for help from those who have given to them. 
I’m not saying anyone should get more because any loss from cancer is tragic. However, here is a staggering statistic to also consider: The average loss of life for an adult who succumbs to cancer is 17 years. The average loss of life of a child who succumbs to cancer is 77. (mic drop)
Do your research first! Send your money to the places that will put it to good use for our kids. Thank you…
#Truth365 #KatherineTheBrave #DIPG