Daily Archives: December 7, 2016

Alissas Birthday

Today Katherine’s sister turns 17. Alissa, now our youngest living child, reflected on last years birthday with me, and how stressful it was. We both regret not giving more attention to Katherine, and focusing on the things that didn’t matter. The drama… We wish we had more time with her. The sense that she would be here forever because this just doesn’t happen was stronger than the obvious to us all. This years birthday will feel empty, and have an air of confusion surrounding it, obviously, but we are trying… every day we are trying.
Love you alissa… You deserve a fun filled birthday, with no drama, and good memories. We have had one hell of a year. Between the sicknesses, losses, and unnecessary distractions, we’ve done pretty good, haven’t we? You were a big part of Katherine’s life. She loved you for the traits you might not think were important. You made her laugh. You did makeup like a boss. You took amazing selfies. You both had a deep love for hot chocolate. Should I go on? Don’t let anyone get you down. Say, “See Ya!” to the haters and enjoy your day. Turning your back on the drama, and facing the positive future is the best route to take. You just want to be happy, and that’s ok. You have one life, so own it! #GetIt… And as I always say, #BeGolden #BeTheBetterPerson Stay strong girl! You got this! We’re gonna eat like King’s tonight! And we love you… always. – mom