Daily Archives: December 22, 2016


I saw Katie in my dreams. She was so angry with me. I had left her somewhere along a walk to a play, with her friends. It was a mixture or urban city development. Confusing twists and turns, and streets that run back into each other a few blocks from where they divide. After searching for her through the streets aimlessly, we saw each other. I yelled, and ran to her, and she ran to me, opened armed, crying, suddenly gaunt and weak. “You turned your head on me!” Still running to me, as if even in my neglect I was her only source of comfort. I woke up at that moment. I’m shaking and out of breath. My goodness, it’s never good when I see her. There is no comfort for me in my dreams. these awful instances just solidify the guilt already seeping within my psyche. She was so scared. My last words to her, “I’m so sorry baby. I’m so, so sorry.” Similar to life. Why can’t my dreams be peaceful and unlike my life. More like a dream.
We needed more time. There was more I had to say to you sweet Katherine… I would have made it all up to you. I promises…
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