Daily Archives: January 4, 2017

She Deserved

How hard was it for David, the girls, and I to watch our Katherine die slowly? Harder than anything we will ever face again… She deserved more time. She deserved more than less than 1%, and less than 4%. She was a good child and deserved a long life. She should be here enjoying her first few days back at school. Bright eyes and bushy tailed. Looking forward to the new year, eagerly. Seeing her friends, smiling, hugging, and writing stories about what she did over winter break. Showing off her new toys and treats. She should be wondering if her friends want to come for a sleepover. She deserved all of that. And we did too. She deserved more. She deserved more than a hard diagnosis, a slow death, a funeral, and an urn… She was amazing. To us she was everything… our everything is gone. #KatherineTheBrave #DIPG #MoreThanFour #LovesAndKisses #RainbowSocks

Chosen You

“If we would have known, we still would have chosen you…” – Tammy Fox
Walked into this, this morning. Should have waited to open it. 🙁 It’s so beautiful. Thank you Tammy.
#KatherineTheBrave #DIPG #MoreThanFour #81AverageYearsLossOfLife #LovesAndKisses #RainbowSocks