Daily Archives: January 28, 2017


Warning: If you message me and tell me how very sorry you are that my precious 7 year old daughter was taken by god, but that it was his plan, he giveth and taketh away, and either I should rejoice, or not lose faith, or both, I will block you. I don’t care if you are right, if this is true, or false. All I do know is that it’s too soon, very inappropriate, and unkind of you. Your agenda will not be met on my daughters page. How could any parent even fathom that this was the plan and they need to accept it. Especially this soon in mourning. Sorry… I don’t need any excuses for this person, or messages that they meant well. Adults should know better and if they don’t already then for my mental health I must block them. Ugh… sorry for the rant. I woke up to that. I really didn’t need it. Am I wrong? #katherinethebrave #dipg