Daily Archives: January 29, 2017


This is Katherine’s older sister saying goodbye. The little sister she called a twerp and brat before diagnosis is dying and Alissa is gripping the last part of her that she can touch without causing pain, along with Tori who is on her other side hugging her. My two older daughters were desperately trying to process that this was the final stages of Katherine’s life. Their baby sister. That sound is not a machine. That is my daughters body leaving us and giving up. This child wasn’t even given a glimmer of hope in her diagnosis. And sadly that’s how this works. Cancer does not discriminate based on race, gender affiliation, sexual orientation, or religion. It doesn’t care if you like our president or don’t. It does not care if you’ve had an abortion, or refuse to, or if you are a US citizen, immigrant, have a visa, or are a refugee. It does not stop to consider if you’re 7, 17, or 77. It kills anything, and everyone in its path. Yet, it gets nothing comparable in funding that it deserves and our kids get even less. This is why we fight. This is why we’re graphic, and this is why I’m transparent. Like it or not… Thank you to those that have stuck it out with us. We are honored to have you fight along side us! #PleaseShareKatherinesStory #KatherineTheBrave #LovesAndKisses #RainbowSocks #DIPG #KatherineDeservedMoreThanFour #MoreThanFour