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I need some help from everyone… I am going to be starting an effort to push through a DIPG day. I can’t do this alone, so in an effort to help another foundation (#MichaelMosier and #JacksAngels) I had some ideas that might strike at the heart of our politicians. I want to submit these names to them directly, and state that these names were submitted by the families and friends of these children that are left behind with no hope.
I need the names of every child affected by DIPG, here with us, or gone. Please share this with everyone you know, and/or tag those that you know, so they can add to the list, and share themselves. Please only submit those names of kids you have permission to submit, so that there are no legal issues for these foundations. I need the following, if applicable, and soon (examples given):
Name of child: Katherine Marie King

Cancer Ssupport name/Hashtag: Katherine The Brave

State: CA

City: Placentia

Birth date: February 26th, 2009

Diagnosis date: June 2nd, 2015

Date of passing: June 6th, 2016 (or “Still Fighting Hard”)

Siblings left behind: 2

Next of many milestone that they will miss: Her 8th summer, and starting 2nd grade

Brief comments: Katherine deserved more time, she deserved to be here, and we all deserved a chance, and hope. We were given no hope, told she would die, and to go home and make memories. Sounds archaic, but this wasn’t in 1930, or 1970, this happened in 2015… 




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