Deja Vu

Losing a child is like having deja-vu all day long, wondering if the life you had, the joy, was every really there. realizing something’s missing but just not being able to pinpoint what it is repeatedly throughout the day, and always worrying that something horrible is around each and every corner causing you to live in constant fear, all at the same time… At the end of this daily routine the loss of a child lingers. A reflection of a time when you were happy. Standing there. Staring at you. Reminding you of a happier time.
Princess Repunzel came to visit Katherine. She was so excited. She loved this song and I’d like to think it brought her a sense of freedom. An escape from what was binding her. She was so very into it. But in the end, as in her life, she wore out… could barely raise her hands, or hold her body up. She was tired and I could tell it frustrated her. I’m so sorry Katherine. I feel this world totally failed you. Past indiscretions and a lack of care for our children put us where we are today, and it’s unacceptable. I hope we can change that. And soon…




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