Fighting For Aidan

#pleaseshareaidansstory In the blink of an eye everything can change… Visiting this little guy today. #FightingForAidan I’m so proud of my friend Elisha and her Dad for doing a stand up job in making sure Aidan is happy and comfortable during this fight. He wouldnt be able to do it without you two. Aidan’s local friends and their families have stepped up to build a wall of support for our buddy. Many of you may not know but Aidan, my best friends son, was diagnosed with the same very cancer his friend, my daughter, Katherine had, however this cancer is on his spine. Unbelievable, right? He has surgery in a few weeks to fuse his spine. So much is happening. So much is changing. Thank you for your support… He could use it. #katherinethebrave #dipg #aidandeservedmorethanfour

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