I just received a message from Eden at Babble, and she shared with me that this story about my daughter has received some major traffic on their website. I had a feeling this was the case because I’ve also received many, many messages from new Katherine supporters (many whom I’ve not had the ability to respond to yet, sorry about that) who consistently express their concern and shock that a cancer like this exists in this day and age. I was shocked too when we were told on the day Katherine was diagnosed. I don’t want any other family to go through that experience. The huge response was our goal when we worked on it, and people are listening. So, thank you to everyone for sharing this story. Although I may not have the time to facilitate a foundation, or raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, I can help other foundations do this by spreading awareness, and the truth on Katherine’s page. She deserved to be heard, and she is a voice for #DIPG that cannot be reckoned with!
Please keep sharing this article, #PleaseShareKatherinesStory, and make others aware. Ask the programs you work with, and the pages you manage, to share too. I’m ready for more messages and questions about my daughters struggle.



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